Online or In Person 1-1

Energetic Alignment Sessions


Over a decade of teaching experience has empowered Devon to pursue a personalized application of yoga and body mechanics for her students.  She helps her clients establish a well aligned self practice flow and subtle awareness of the energetic body that will support their embodiment in practical and accessible ways, tailored to their current goals and life considerations.

Pricing for 1-1 Sessions (approx 60 - 70 mins):

$65 Single Session

$170 3 Sessions

$250 5 Sessions

Customized, Pre-Recorded Practice Video to fit your needs, provided as a downloadable video with or without music:

$145 for 30 mins of practice (includes a 30 minute consult)

Your payment reserves your session with Devon. She will reach out within 1 business day to schedule your sessions.

These 1-1 sessions is that they can be done safely in the comfort of your home and at times that work best for your schedule. Each session begins with a brief consultation and culminates with a recording for your reference.


Devon’s skillful eye for embodiment gives practitioners a new perspective on their experience of alignment. Practitioners are guided towards the most effective movement patterns and points of focus that will enhance all dimensions of their physical practice. You will learn within your first session the basic misalignments that you can begin to adjust to unlock the potential of your asana and movement meditation practice with confidence and ease.


A session with Devon will be preceded by a brief questionnaire, and our initial meeting will include extra time for a conversation about your current practice and goals, a guided movement assessment, and a short practice (20-30) minutes designed to reinforce positive, evolutionary patterns in your asana practice.  After that, the movement sessions will be 40-45 minutes after our initial check ins. 


These individualized sessions are an invaluable way to learn how you can support your practice  What may take months in a class environment can be accomplished more effectively in the dialogue of a 1-1 setting. Devon will carefully craft each session to your specific needs and provide resource materials or short videos to guide you when you are in your home practice.


This is also a great option for practitioners trying to get back into their practice, who need special support for healing an injury, pre/post natal practitioners, and advanced practitioners trying to unlock.

"Devon was able to quickly assess strengths and weaknesses in my practice. After one hour, I came away with practical suggestions to apply and practice in future classes. Devon has helped me build strength, confidence, and awareness in my body with simple and straightforward feedback." - Alex P.