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$10-25 per session depending on the duration of the practice.

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Dear Students and Friends

In March 2020, like the rest of the world, the yoga industry was shut down. With studios already struggling to be financially viable, and most full time teachers running around teaching 15+ classes a week to make ends meet, both studios and teachers were facing an immense challenge. I was heartbroken to watch three of the four studios at which I taught 13 of my 14 weekly classes, have closed permanently. While I love offering practices by donation, please remember this is my livelihood. It is my passion to teach asana and yoga as a living practice for cultivating strength + presence. Your support directly influences my ability to continue to do my work. More projects are coming and in person classes will resume when the world circumstance allows. If you need to practice for free, please enjoy these practices as my gift. If you are able, please support my work with donations for each practice you enjoy. Email me here if you need anything.

I am so grateful to be connected and practice together.