Accessible Vinyasa

Teaching Flow Yoga For Every Body


$199 Pre Registration $225 After October 11th

Samadhi Yoga Golden Triangle

Saturday and Sunday 12/8 (11am-7pm) +12/9 (11am-6pm)


Accessible Vinyasa, a Yoga Alliance accredited continuing education program for teachers both new and experienced; offers techniques and resources to make Vinyasa yoga accessible to a wide range of levels and bodies.


Many Vinyasa Yoga teaching techniques focus upon guiding practitioners whose strength and mobility are without limitation. It requires a unique skill set to craft a ‘gentle’ vinyasa to allow beginners and limited mobility practitioners to move with fluidity and calmness. Intelligent sequencing and a focus on ‘stages’ of postures (Vinyasa Krama) helps teachers structure asanas to meet each practitioner. Teachers will learn how to support students to feel empowered through flow regardless of body, age, or skill.


Teaching yoga safely requires supporting all students including and especially those with common injuries, joint replacements, misalignments, low kinesthetic awareness, and general decreased flexibility or strength. Teachers will complete Accessible Vinyasa feeling prepared to empower a wide range of populations using techniques specific to each.


This training provides:

-Modifications, Asana Variations, and use of props in common asanas for varied populations

-Techniques for teaching classes with participants of varied skill levels

-Exploration of Vinyasa Krama to accommodate all bodies to safely experience change

-Cueing for New Practitioners and Injured/Limited Mobility Practitioners

-Skills to address Deficiencies in Flexibility or Strength

-Alternative Asanas and Connecting Vinyasa sequences: How to Plan classes without Down Dog, Lunges, or Chaturanga


-Resources and Referral methods to stay in your scope as a Yoga Teacher


-Understanding of Asana dynamics to choose appropriately in the flow to support unexpected physical limitations


-Manual for teaching philosophy and methods to address common injuries


-Simple Hands on Assist Techniques for special populations.


-12 Yoga Alliance Accredited CEUs with a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider